FE Games
Country : Malaysia

FE Games on Startup Jobs Asia

Summary Info

FE Games is a video games development studio, and we are currently working on our in-house game titles. Our office is located in the pristine business park of Desa Park City, Kepong. At FE Games, we provide a quiet, collaborative and work condusive enviroment so everyone can create their best works.

We are looking for candidates who are production ready, avid gamers, and dreamers who see in codes, vertices and polygons.

Collaboration is a key culture as we are a small and tight group. Members are encouraged to brainstorm and provide constructive ideas to better our products.

Come meet us (and possibly join us) if you brand yourself as a Coding/3D/Game Design wizard who appreciates the beauty of games, and is always striving to reach the pinnacle of game development.

If you have the ambition to have your work featured in games, have the skills to back it up, and posses the attitude to work for it, this is your calling!

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