Yojee Pte Ltd
Country : Singapore

Yojee Pte Ltd on Startup Jobs Asia

Summary Info

Yojee (ASX: YOJ) is a technology company that has developed a technology platform that seeks to build a solution to redefine the logistics industry that has struggled to keep up with the e-commerce boom, utilising the global sharing-economy concept.

Individuals and companies are travelling across the world and throughout cities more than ever. Yojee proposes to use its technology to turn this into potential revenue for operators and savings for customers, by coordinating and organising logistics providers and local last-leg delivery partners to provide a complete, cost-effective global delivery service to disrupt an ageing and segmented industry.

Yojee is not aiming to compete with traditional logistics providers, but is seeking to provide a comprehensive logistics platform utilising the theories underlying the growing sharing-economy. The success of Yojee is intended to be achieved through efficiency, capabilities and user experience of the software ecosystem using big data, cloud infrastructure and easy to use customer interfaces to provide a logistics solution that challenges the status quo.

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