Inspirasi Kerjaya Sdn Bhd
Country : Malaysia

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Summary Info

AB App (Vehicle Towing Mobile Application)

Identified Problems

i.) Long Waiting Time Over the Phone/Unanswered Calls

ii.) Unscrupulous Tow Truckers’ Practices

iii.) Information Not Transparent

Purpose - To revamp the current practices of tow-trucks in Malaysia.

Objective - To ensure public interest is upheld while being a profitable company at the same time.

Already in discussion/negotiation phase with several government agencies and multi-national corporations.


 Inspirasi Kerjaya Sdn Bhd is a technology startup based in Ipoh currently developing a mobile and web-app system.

 Allowing users to obtain vehicle towing assistance within 2 clicks on the application

 Automatic location tracking of user’s current location

 Live GPS tracking of incoming tow truck (Estimated Time of Arrival)

 Include both conventional and proximity-based system (uber-like) according to user's situation (towing / roadside assistance)

 Geo-fencing system for audio push notification (when user is approaching accident hotspot)

 Tow truck and call-center rating system.

** Looking For Technical Co-Founder

** Successful candidate is remunerated by shares in the company**


1) Managing the bug-fixing process of existing mobile and web application system (Front-end & Back-end)

2) Designing and implementing required UI/UX on mobile and web application

3) Managing beta testing and troubleshooting on product before launching

4) Database maintenance

5) Advising on technical matters during meetings

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