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TransferFriend – Building The World’s Most Trusted Fintech Brand

Having the offices based in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Estonia, the company aims to provide a previously unseen solution for the global remittance market of 580 billion USD annually. We are a team of experienced data, marketing, finance, and technology individuals backed by senior finance industry veterans and a reputable advisory board.

TransferFriend will offer the best, easy and safe money transfer service that saves up to 85% of the costs with artificial intelligence (AI) driven financial education as well as inspirational personal stories.

Our Culture

We are a team of young and energetic doers who are unafraid of big and demanding challenges, that are excited to take on the task of redefining the Financial Service Industry and change the world. Supported by capable angel investors and surrounded by industry veteran advisors, we plan on significantly changing the ASEAN money transfer market.

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