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Country : Singapore

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Summary Info

Passion Peers is a Digital Business Transformation strategy and platform services company. We are headquartered in Singapore and operate across Asia Pacific including Australia and India. We are a growing start-up working with multinational clients, start-ups and organizations who are passionate about transforming their businesses digitally to break the status quo through unconventional methods to achieve digital success.

Passion Peers’ lean structure allows us to work in an intrapreneurial setting with our clients. There are no separate account servicing or project management teams, only passionate people with high digital quotient, who understand that digital transformation goes beyond digital marketing and are true hustlers in transforming their clients’ businesses.

Passion Peers offers a myriad of digital business solutions to tailor to the needs of our diverse clientele. For SMEs and startups, we work on their go-to-market strategies to develop sustainable digital solutions. For business and enterprise clients, we specialize in building customer experience via customer journey mapping, user experience design, digital marketing, data and analytics. We also offer organizational alignment strategy, e-commerce end to end solutions and implementation of new digital technology like AI, IoT solutions etc to help organizations re-invent their business models.