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Localised is a new company reimagining the cross-border ecommerce experience, and how brands and shoppers transact across borders, languages, currencies and cultures. Our Global ecommerce as a Service platform builds highly localised ecommerce sites in distant markets on behalf of coveted U.S. and U.K. brands and retailers, helping them look, feel and behave “local” from the perspective of today’s empowered global shopper.

We are based in NYC with teams in Toronto, London, Warsaw, Bucharest and Hong Kong.

We live, obsess over, and celebrate the following core values:

Customer-centric. We obsess over delighting our customers. Nothing else matters.
Brave. We enjoy being bold. We are ambitious. We are not afraid to think big.
Collaborative. We are a team. We are open-minded. We debate then decide.
Masters. We know what we're doing. We are masters of our trade. We do whatever it takes.
Accountable. We got this. You can count on us. We don't let each other down

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