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Summary Info

Wowwwz is tech start-up that aims to help every single person in the world find the right partner for life and build lasting romantic relationships. Our platform helps people in co-working spaces and universities discover each other as they answer questions about themselves and as friends praise each other.

Our platform is powered by an extremely powerful graph database and suggestion engine that is able to suggest quality matches to our users based on their social graph (friends), values and interests.

We are looking to hire super interns and software engineering interns who are passionate about helping every single person in the world find true love.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help every single person in this world find true love. One day, we hope we will be able to solve ALL relationship problems, from finding the right life partner to keeping the romance alive after years of marriage.

Our Culture

We work in an extremely cozy and fun environment. Our office is full of board games, bean bags and even an area for us to play poker and enjoy traditional chinese tea using a traditional chinese tea set. We also have 2 adorable cats in the office that would entertain us from time to time.


This is your chance to be part of a tech start-up that uses advance technology to solve a fundamental problem that every single person in the world faces - to help everyone find true love and build lasting relationships. You get to be part of a start-up that has the potential to be the next facebook and google, building a product that every single person in the world would use daily to meet their relationship needs, be it meeting someone right for them or figuring out what to do on a weekend and creating more memorable moments together with your significant other.


We are an alumni of the Y-Combinator Start-Up School Programme.

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