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Moovby is the Malaysia's largest peer-to-peer car rental marketplace disrupting the $108 million car rental industry in Malaysia market alone and $65 billion globally, connecting vehicle owners whose cars would otherwise be idle with people who need a car.

We offer competitive salaries, stock options, and a wide range of benefits. Moreover, we give you the opportunity to work with an awesome group of coworkers, and a genuinely fun environment to do your best work in. Oh, and free driving credit for you to roam the open roads.

There are a billion cars around the world, a staggering number that is increasing by 30M net every year. In the Malaysia, there are around 16M cars. The opportunity to put idle cars to better use is enormous. The economic empowerment, economic efficiency and positive societal and environmental impact that result from reducing idle cars is far reaching.

Come join us to help make that happen!

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