CIRCLE™ - Demo Day by Platform E

CIRCLE™ - Demo Day by Platform E (a member of SIM) sets out to ignite and nurture startups with potential. Join us to watch as startups make their pitch to renowned judges and investors, as well as build on your network of entrepreneurs and discover what investors are looking for in businesses. Over 200 startups and investors will be present at this half-day event.

Platform E sets out to maintain an ecosystem of entrepreneurship where investors aid the growth of startups, and providing opportunities for successful startups to give back to the ecosystem by reinvesting in newborn startups. Be it funding, mentorship, or knowledge, it will keep the startup life cycle in motion, encouraging beneficial growth to the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are proud to announce that Mr. Rajesh Sawhney, Advisory Board Advisor and Founder of GSF Accelerator & InnerChef, will be presenting the opening keynote on the day. Startups from various industries such as eCommerce, Food, Delivery, Printing, and Adtech have expressed their interest in pitching their business ideas to judges and investors. Join us on the day to discover what they have developed.

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