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HighBlood is a swipe-dating app with the option to authenticate your income, education and profession. Besides removing fake profiles from online dating entirely, we allow users to filter potential matches based on income, prestige schools and profession. Viewed alone, the US online dating market is worth US$2B while the Chinese online dating market is worth US$1.6B.

We’re decentralizing the selection process of the traditional matchmaking agency by allowing people to perform their own appraisals instead of relying on matchmaking protocols these agencies use. Users will be able to filter and set lower limits on income as well as filter according to prestige schools such as Yale, Cambridge, Harvard — whatever the user’s preferences are. This is a tool for people to filter who they would like to meet based on objective criteria.

This means Indians will now have a readily accessible catalog of prospective matches they can pick from at no cost and be able to trust that the information given has been audited by a third party. It means Koreans and Japanese can totally stop wasting time on blind dates arranged by their parents. It means Singaporeans can conveniently check out their dates’ income/profession before committing to meet up physically, which can be troublesome.

We are targeting young and educated professionals as well as ambitious University undergraduates. Many of the people we’ve talked to have complained about the lack of authenticity and concrete intentions on popular dating apps. We would like to provide an alternative.




Plan and execute marketing campaigns to promote HighBlood social medias and app downloads.

Increase 5-star app reviews

Hustle event partnerships

Optimize marketing channels

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Able to work for free on an equity arrangement.

Components instead of salary

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