Country : Singapore
  • Full-time

Customer Happiness Officer

smove gives people without cars the ability to hire one when they need it, at short notice from their mobile phone in just 3-5 clicks. They like it because they can pick up the car from an ordinary parking location and drop it off wherever is convenient.

For the future, smove plans to offer to licence its technology to car fleet operators in urban locations outside Singapore, likely franchising a package to sell mobility as a service, giving operators the ability to create utility-like services for transportation of people & goods anywhere.


Delivering happiness to our customers.

We have a clear understanding of who our customers are & we are trying to serve them well.

Your overall responsibilities are:

  • Seeing the big picture; 

  • Innovate & Implement; 

  • Provide options & solutions in the areas of customer service, communication & corporate culture;

  • Handling customer queries and troubleshooting complex issues in a professional 




If helping people comes naturally to you & you don't mind working in a fast growing start-up company, then please apply below.





3000 - 3500 SGD

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