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Client Engineer (Unity3D mobile game)

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BiNAREE is the international mobile game company located in Seoul, Korea. The members of the company are from UK, US, France and Korea, including some Koreans with overseas work experience. Though we are from different countries, we are all very harmonized together as members of BiNAREE. Everyone here takes great pride in our work and our company. As you know, we are looking for a game designer for Pale Lands, town-based strategy game.



The client programmers work together and with the broader team, under the direction of the Lead Programmer. They work on all aspects of the development of the iOS and Android game client for our latest project, using Unity 5 and C#.



  • Programming
    • Develop the mobile game with Unity3D rapidly. On the whole development process, this position needs to collaborate with lead game programmer so that you can perform the best code in the build.
  • Deployment
    • Release the build every week or every 2 weeks to the whole company to hear the feedback. Repeat this process until it turns out that the game/battle mechanic is solid and promising
  • Prototyping
    • Shape the game design and idea provided by the lead designer in a effective and agile way
  • Documentation
    • Write the document about how you work and what you work on often.
  • Agile Communication
    • Follow the agile project management on JIRA. 
  • Understanding of Game System
    • For the best game, need to talk with lead designer about any game design and idea continuously and passionately. Spend most of time to think about how we can make the best game. This position must know about the game very well.


  • At least 4 yrs game programming experience 
  • Unity3D experience is a big plus, but not necessary
  • A bit of server-side programming experience
  • Strong computer science background
  • Big fan of mobile/console/online game


54000 - 96000 SGD

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Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!

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