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CTO Assistant

We are a technology startup featuring in VR (Virtual-Reality) field and developing real innovative products. The founder and CTO is a 33-year-old German and senior system engineer. The team locates in China's silicon valley - Shenzhen, for best access of resource in HW prototyping and SW development, as well as for the huge China market. 

Our team started in July 2014 and already went through prototyping and user verification period. With the latest prototype, we've got investments in November 2016 from several local famous investors. 

Now we seek for passionate 'doers' and 'makers' who are excited about discovering new and innovative ways to push virtual reality to new limits. You'll work with top developers, craft-man-spirit engineers and the most talented artists.


We have a very smart yet tough CTO who thinks always 6 months ahead of others. You stand between him and everyone else in the company, while your job is getting his order and pushing it through!

You need to:

- be super energetic as your boss may work 24 x 7;
- strong execution doesn't matter what blocks there on your way;
- have deep-rooted understanding about what is 'reaching requirements'


You will be highly preferred if you:

- are talented in communicating with all type of people;
- are versatile in your previous working experiences;
- have a bit technical background in IT and / or manufacturing industry;
- speak conversational Chinese


8000 - 15000 CNY

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