Tri-Niche Pte Ltd
Country : Vietnam
  • Full-time
  • Co-founder

BD & Marketing Co-Founder

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Tri-Niche is a social enterprise that provide Information Technology (IT) related services that improve efficiency and effectiveness of organizations processes with a cause to raise social welfare awareness through projects and collaboration with corporate and welfare organizations.

With deep rooted positive social values, we are driven with the vision to help and to contribute back to the society with our expertise in IT.

Tri-Niche also provide IT workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs to develop essential IT skills to realize their dreams. We inculcate social factor into trainings by hiring people with disabilities so as to empower them and to give them a sense of belonging to our communities.

Tri-Niche has a bigger vision to provide pro-bono IT-related training for low-income families and people with disabilities through a training program in collaboration with welfare organizations and corporate companies in job recruitment for the beneficiaries.


- Act as a role of a cofounder who will work with existing founder on business development in Vietnam
- Managing teams of developers in Vietnam
- Planning marketing campaigns
- Acquiring clients
- Expanding the company
- Managing staffs
- Scaling the company with company products
- Public relations

Well, bascially as a cofounder, it's everything about running and sustaining the company. Job scope is pretty wide.


  • Responsible
  • Proactive and driven
  • Knowledge on marketing and sales
  • Good PR skills
  • Business development knowledge
  • Able to work in a team (Team player)
  • Able to commit fully to the company


6000000 - 8000000 VND

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Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!

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