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Social Medial Marketing Intern

Vision We are what we eat - there's just so much truth in that. In a market where food choices are endless, we seek to bring you the healthiest products without the premium prices. Live the good life, live a healthy life! LifeWinners started her operations in 2008, seeking to bring organic produce from all over the world to the shores of Singapore. Through well-established relationships with distributors and food-producers, the Dr Gram brand was born. The brand signifies the vision of LifeWinners to bring quality organic food to the community without premium prices. Mission We believe that organic food is to be affordable as it is of the highest quality and that every single element we input to our system does makes a difference to our health. Thus, our tagline "Make Every Gram Count" aims to educate the individual that everything we consume affects our health and this awareness will bring about changes to our diet which directly affect the state of our bodies. It too means that LifeWinners is all about bringing products of the highest quality to the community, and this is only achieved through strict quality control and a great network of suppliers. All our products are non-GMO, certified organic or completely natural; with some even cultivated in the wild. No harmful chemicals, additives or preservatives can be found in our range of products.


- Savvy with marketing expressions to capture online customers

- Savvy with posting ads on Facebook, Google and Instagram.

- Expressive language skills with excellent communication ability.



- At least 2 years’ experience in posting facebook, google or other media ads online

- Customer service oriented.

- Experience with Search Engine Optimization preferred.

- Able to problem solve and engage in critical thinking.

- Invoice and pack orders of customers for delivery.

- Able to work fast and with accuracy.

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