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UX Researcher

We are a web application called Piktochart based in Penang with over 5 million users. We have been in Silicon Valley as part of the learning trip, won "Best Startup Award" in MSC Apicta 2012, received numerous press mentions (Forbes,Techcrunch, AlJazeera), and the team consists of talented web developers and designers who form a small happy family.

What does Piktochart do?

Piktochart helps users to create stories from data. This means that someone who does not know how to design newsletters, presentations can now be empowered to create these communication materials on their own.

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UX Researcher

One of the company values we uphold in Piktochart is being user-focused, and we talk to our users often to understand their pain points, as well as what makes them happy or frustrated. Our UX researchers does this the most, and are passionate about getting to know users and create the best experience for them. If this sounds like you, read on!


We need your help to:

  • Interview Piktochart users to identify qualitative key aspects that create great user experience for users. You will talk to users via phone/Skype/face-to-face very frequently.
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative data about user behaviour through methods like targeted surveys.
  • Understand the mental model of Piktochart users and their journey of interaction with the product.
  • Define Piktochart’s user persona and the Jobs to Be Done
  • Work closely with data scientists, UI/UX and product teams to offer insightful guidelines focused on user experience when building new features.
  • Analyze how other interfaces perform with focus and persistence in identifying potential solutions for existing problems faced by Piktochart users. Being constantly familiar with how the app functions and how users interact with our tool is vital here.
  • Create effective user flow and wireframes that solve problems faced by users, and propose changes or new ideas to designers and developers.



Your superpowers include:

  • At least 1-2 years of experience working in the UX fields.
  • A solid grasp of user-centered design and testing methodologies, subsystems, and usability and accessibility concerns.
  • Has creativity in coming up with ways to collect data and proficiency in analyzing the data that has been collected.
  • Excellent written and verbal communicator.
  • Passionate about all things UX and other areas of design and innovation. Research and showcase knowledge in the industry’s latest trends and technologies.
  • Being data-driven and making decisions based on methods of “Test, Build, Measure” and repeat.
  • Ability to translate user findings into design suggestions and articulate the values well
  • Being a strong adapter to new team formations as UX researchers often rotate amongst project teams to identify best experience solutions for each feature and goal.
  • Boldness (like a superhero)! You are not shy to be spending most of your time on phone/video calls with users.
  • A strong dose of curiosity and eagerness to know the ‘why’s!
  • Standing up again and again after failure and rejection. Being a researcher often means striving hard to get volunteers for tests, not receiving expected results, or working on ideas that ends up not performing up to par. In Piktochart, we strive to innovate every day, and failure only helps us move forward!


Please write to us with a link to your portfolio web applications. We look forward to hear from you!

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