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Conversational UX Designer

KeyReply works with governments and enterprises to build and deliver AI-powered bots that empower and engage citizens and customers. At the forefront of automation, we work with interesting technologies that help to respond and communicate with end users. By joining us, you will be at the forefront of developing technology that will empower the next generation of government engagement and enterprise communication. Your impact will not only be on streamlining and improving efficiency within these organisations, but also on delivering the perfect interaction to their end user and driving customer satisfaction. We are genuine, down to earth, hard workers; we don't just care about how we can have fun together, we care about how we can help each other grow and become a best-in-class individual, as much as we care about being the best-in-the-world business.


Bots are a boon for many businesses today. A bot can have wonderful information retrieval capabilities and technical infrastructure, but these run in the background for most consumers – what matters is the experience.

At KeyReply, we're looking for a sharp, witty and autonomy-loving team member to join our team to build our bot conversational prowess together. As an enterprise platform, we have ready tools that you can start working on to see your dialog lines flow on live bots.


Our roles and responsibilities:

- Keep our clients' business objectives in mind while building dialog flows.
- Expand on creative ideas and writing that drive good bot engagement.
- Yank on users' heartstrings using your proficiency with psychological triggers.
- Respond and collaborate with clients effectively.
- Educate the team on how your ideas can translate into feasible code.
- Prepare to test, test, and retest bots to perfect bot experiences.
- Learn new tech and ways so you can use them in your creative process.
- Yearn to live and breathe bots all day and night with us.

Oh, you noticed that spelt KeyReply?! Gee, you're a smart one, aren't you. Most importantly, when you join us, you can apply those smarts to worthy causes for government and enterprise clients who will depend on these bots to build their brand value and customer loyalty.

We're also not kidding about the autonomy part – We love team members who take initiative and do what it takes to deliver beyond expectations. You'll be given the opportunity to work and develop yourself. It's up to you, but click that Apply button already!


3000 - 5500 SGD

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