Country : Singapore
  • Full-time

Web Engineer (Python)

Truuue is the next generation of real estate platform, we are focusing on building the services that can help the buyers to find a property easier


Develop the ass-kicking services and websites using python (and a bunch of other stuff too)!


have to be geeky, capable of learning new things fast 

have to know Django and DRF and celery

have to know basic HTML and Javascript

have to know how to handle automation and deployment using fabric or ansible

have to know how RESTful API works and how they shall be constructed

have to know at least one of these thing:

- swagger

- apiary

- blueprint

have to know how database works, especially PostgreSQL and MySQL

have to know how to handle an Ubuntu server sitting on the cloud

have to be not freakin out when asked to handle a linux server alone

have to know how to write property git commit message when closing a feature branch

have to hornor linters and pep8

have to hornor testing and coverage

better to have a github account and some open source contribution experience

have to be able to handle pressure and concurrent tasks(3 tasks or more at the same time)


3000 - 8000 SGD

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