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EasyHealth is a direct-to-consumer diagnostic testing company that provides innovative, at-home testing kits and redesigned lab results. We are at the forefront of personalized medicine, focused on transforming the $5B diagnostics industry which is currently dominated by limited consumer access to tests and burdensome collection processes.


We are currently working around the concept of “Convenient at-home health testing”. In today’s world, medical testing works in a traditional way where-in a patient makes an appointment with the hospital, visits the hospital to give sample and returns back to the hospital to collect his/her reports. Hospitals internally work with labs for sample testing and reporting. This process requires users to dedicate lot of time, incur higher costs and eventually treat healthcare as an expensive component in life. If we can enable the user to directly send his/her sample to the labs and receive reports online without hospital as a player in the middle, then users can benefit from lower costs, convenient testing and eventually become more health continuous by periodically performing health testing. All of this will also have to follow the stated country medical laws (test approval and report proof-reading by a physician online etc). The whole intention is to lower the medical costs for the user and make healthcare testing more accessible to him/her so that he/she can avail it lot more frequently.  

We will engage an on-demand certified phlebotomist for sample collection (dried blood spots, saliva, urine) to collect sample from the user's house/office and send it to the labs for examination. This is both a B2C and B2B model

There are 3 of us in the team already

Just hit on the apply button. We will have a coffee and discuss further :)


You are either a certified doctor/physician or someone experienced working at a medical laboratory.

You have experience in Singapore health care sector around different medical tests that are taken up by people here.

You have been waiting to start your own venture with the right idea and team

You are willing to commit 100% and work on the vision to disrupt entire health care industry

Components instead of salary

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