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LeadIQ is building a sales prospecting automation platform to increase sales productivity.  Currently we provide a slick yet simple way to build accurate prospect list, find contact info, enrich data, and sync to Salesforce. Soon we are adding the capabilities to automate reach-outs and follow-ups. Customers can tell us the kind of companies and roles to reach out to. We'll find the prospects, reach-outs, and follow-ups.

Here's what customers say about us  https://leadiq.io/customers

"Having trialled a number of different lead capture software services previous, LeadIQ stands out by a mile! It's slick, fast, accurate and saving me massive amounts of time. Look forward to using this platform far into the future." - Matthew Payne from Serchen

"Amazing product! We've tried quite a few of these types of softwares, and nothing works both as quickly and as accurately. "- Michael Sindicich from Apptimize


Are you the type of engineer who punches juke boxes to make the music start? Do you consider riding your motorcycle off into the a sunset a personal hobby? Is architecting a system from the ground up no big deal to you? We're looking for full-time Scala programmers to make this happen.

As a company we are at an exciting stage in our growth. We are getting traction with big customers, scaling out, and solving increasingly complex engineering problems. We want team members with attributes like:

- focus on delivering value to the customer 
- strong belief in collaboration 
- passion that drives you to execute and innovate 
- ability to self-manage and take ownership of a feature 
- good written communication 
- not afraid of a steep learning curve 
- experience in a start up 
- avoid over-engineering 
- simple designs and fast execution 
- discipline in following process and documenting your work

These personality traits define the culture we are building and are more important to us than a particular set of technical skills, so there is some scope for training if you're a fast learner.

If you join LeadIQ, you will learn a lot: In terms of technical ability there are many cool tools, technologies, patterns and other great developers that will sharpen your skills. Personally you be given the chance to step up, lead and make your mark in a growing startup as we tackle the challenges in our next phase of growth.

So if you feel like you're a good fit for us, drop us a line! We love meeting developers who are excited by our product!


On the technical front, we need developers skilled in:

- Scala (but experience in another functional language helps, e.g. Haskell or Clojure) 
- Play framework 
- Concurrency (futures, actors, basic understanding of threads)

Nice to have technical skills are:

- MongoDB 
- Elastic search 
- Kafka 
- Spark
- Redis 
- AngularJS


4500 - 7000 SGD

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