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Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time

Graphic Designer

That Marketing Guy began in 2012 in Singapore to champion the importance of good, efficient Marketing. From consultation to conceptualisation and project implementation, That Marketing Guy plays the field and works with those who are passionate about their business, whether large or small. Well-endowed with a lean and dynamic team, we don’t believe in hierarchies and value each and every member for their unique skill set.


We’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to take the lead to pioneer our Malaysia team, and when it comes to work, our work environment will especially allow those who have big ideas to excel. Our ideal colleague would be one who is willing to explore the many different avenues within marketing and to bring fresh perspectives to our campaigns.

Being the lean team that we are, we won’t assign you to just one account; you’ll have the chance to actively engage with all of our clients and build a meaningful portfolio of work that you can confidently say you contributed to.

You must be able to work closely with the rest of the team even though we will not be in the same office - or country. You will need to be comfortable working independently with only one colleague or a few of us dropping in to KL from Singapore once or twice a month. 


Our preferred candidate should enjoy meeting people, and should also possess the following qualities:
• Detail-oriented
• An eye for design
• Outspoken
• Meticulous
• Proactive
• Able to take initiative
• Able to effectively multitask
• A sense of humour


2000 - 2500 MYR

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