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Content Marketing Intern

Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!

At Tware, we develop wearable technology, but it isn’t your everyday smartwatch or tracker. Specifically, we specialize in smart apparels. We're one of the few teams in this world that actually does this.

Our marketing team has the job of introducing and educating the market about our novel tech jacket... While eventually placing the product in their wardrobes. How do we achieve all this? We experiment with marketing channels and campaigns.

Then we scale up on those that work. We throw away the rest that don’t.

What we promise you is this. You will have learnt more about B2C and content marketing than a bunch of college modules could try and teach.

You will be exposed to new possible career paths that range from social media management to science journalism (we’re in-house, so you definitely see more).

And lastly, you will walk away having gained real-world experience in one simple apprenticeship.



As part of our marketing team, this is what your week may look like:

  • Research and craft in-depth articles for our blog
  • Receive feedback from our editor
  • Edit accordingly
  • Publish and promote the article you’ve spent hours (or days) writing
  • Dig the internet for contacts in different fields and industries
  • Create graphics for various online channels (you don’t need a degree in design)


And we really, really, really WANT you if you are strong in the following:

  • The English language
  • Accepting criticism
  • Learning and adapting to new situations
  • Being Internet savvy (you don’t just rely on Google page 1 for answers)
  • Possessing the grit to see your ideas through
  • Relating with people (especially potential customers)


500 - 700 SGD

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Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!