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Country : Malaysia
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Business Co Founder (Ecommerce)

Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!

SoftSolvers offers cloud based business automation solution to small and mid size businesses. Beside our flagship solutions Second CRM and recently launch Salespeer, there are many new projects which we are working upon, and we are looking for all kind of great people to join us, as Developers [PHP/MySQL, Android, iOS], Designers [web and mobile UI], Sales [Inside sales and business dev], Marketing [Social Media, Content writer, full stack Marketing], Finance [Accounting, International taxation] and so many more.


To take care of Business side of the new ecommerce project we are working upon.  The project is a community based ecommerce mobile application for Indian Expats in Malaysia.  Advance stage development of app is going on, need to work on the business side, partnerships, merchant acquisition, arrange for logistics, initial operations, et all


MUST have prior experience in startup [failed or successful], preferably in ecommerce or logistics based. A minimum of 3 years of total working experience.  Extra Smart and Go getter, hardworking and won't take NO as an answer, Love challenges and Make things move, whatever it takes.

Not too much pressed for money right now, as will get some allowance but big bucks will come when we are successful.


2000 - 3000 MYR

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Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!