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Business Development Executive - Manager

We started Scientific Innovations with the goal of creating magical experiences. Magicians have difficult jobs. They have a room of people that they have to amaze. Everyone in the room has a different mental model and belief system, yet the magician's job is to wow everyone. That is what we strive to do with anything that we create. Our goal is not to create products and technologies, but to create magical experiences for everyone through our products and technologies.

We also believe that experiences are not just defined by the product but also by the company that offers the product. We therefore decided to build companies around the products and technologies that we create.

We begin with ideas. We tend to be domain agnostic. In fact, we prefer getting into areas where we don't have any knowledge and experience in. We prefer not to be constrained by our knowledge and experience. We explore these ideas, test them, gain feedback, learn and adapt the concepts. When we deem an idea to be commercially viable, we spin it off as a company where we build a team.

We have failed in more ideas than we have deemed to viable. However, we believe in quickly identifying that an idea is not going to be viable.

We believe in a global organization. We don't believe that a team has to be located in a single location. We are looking to build a global organization of magical experience creators.


Who we are? 

Lifestyle Therapeutics is the holding company, and it owns Cardiatrics - a Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program, aiming at reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in susceptible individuals through risk factor management.  The approach is based on the science of preventive cardiology, combining clinical supervision with risk assessment and comprehensive personalised lifestyle intervention program.  The program is delivered via a network of clinical practices, utilizing a proprietary mobile health and telemedicine platform developed by the company.

Why join us? 

At Lifestyle Therapeutics, you will be a core member of our team with the ability to directly impact the success of our company.  You will be joining an experienced team who are passionate about making a difference by advocating prevention and health education.  Our integrated team is comprised of doctors, exercise specialists, nutritionists and dieticians who have the vision to transform the healthcare system from curing and treatment to prevention, and empower people to take charge of their health.  If you are excited about experiencing and being part of growing a new venture, this is a perfect opportunity for you. 

Please send your resume via email to,,

Position:  Business Development Executive / Manager

We are looking for a suitable candidate who has the relevant working experience in sales. 

Experience in the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical sector or medical device are

preferred, but not mandatory

He or she can initiate and lead sales efforts that will best advance our company’s vision, mission and goals. 

The Role:

  • Understand financial requirements of the company and give support to drive its financial targets whenever possible.
  • Execute industry-specific sales strategy and tactics.
  • Understand the profile of target audiences, develop sales channels and leads, follow through to convert leads to sales, driving to meet sales targets. 

Major Responsibilities:

  • Meet sales targets on monthly basis and visit clinics at key locations.
  • Develop sales leads to secure meetings for sales presentations/pitch.
  • Manage and maintain key accounts.
  • Search for relevant conferences for public speaking opportunities to enhance credibility and visibility of the company.
  • Execute cost-effective activities and projects to minimise costs. 

Supporting function

  • Conduct research to understand the landscape and competition. 
  • Develop sales materials, collaterals & promotional programs, as well as compile an event calendar on sales activities throughout the year.
  • Maintain all sales material in good order. 
  • Maintain relationships with the clients and support customer relations.
  • Participate in trade shows & seminars to bring about awareness of our program.
  • Ability to execute marketing tactics targeting the right audiences to generate sales leads.
  • Help build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, partners, corporate clients and relevant parties within the industry.


We are looking for an individual who are/has:

  • Sales experience in the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical sector or medical device are preferred, but not mandatory
  • Result-oriented, driving to achieve goals and demonstrate success
  • Ability to multi-task with high energy
  • A passion for health care & prevention of disease
  • Organised and disciplined 
  • A team player and flexible 
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

Job Type: Full-time

Education: University Degree 

Language: Excellent in oral and written English 

PC skills: Microsoft Office, Excel and Powerpoint

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