Happy Leaves Salads
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Director for F&B Startup

Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!

Happy Leaves is an earth-friendly, vegetarian salad-in-a-jar company that aims to operate with zero food or trash waste. Pre-ordered lunchtime salads are prepared and delivered each weekday in reusable containers that are picked up and washed for next day use. We're seeking employees that want to work for a company with excellent hours, pay and purpose.


Happy Leaves Salads, a new and healthy salad-in-a-jar company, is seeking a business manager to manage its operations. Responsibilities include: managing staff, fine-tuning logistics, customer service, and sales. As this is a start-up, the best candidate must be able to multi-task, problem-solve and be willing to help with everything - from making salads and deliveries when needed to selling to Google. If you're interested, please send CV and relevant work experience to happyleavessalads@gmail.com


Happy Leaves Salads is a company committed to the earth and healthy lifestyles so must value those principals. HL also needs self-motivated problem-solvers interested in the F&B industry and making a difference in Singapore. All backgrounds considered - we're focused more on commitment and willingness to work hard. 


3000 - 4000 SGD

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Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!