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Internship- Part Time (Software Engineer- Programmer)

Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!

Dokonee is currently headquatered at Damansara and growing fast. We are investing in the talents and cultures of our company as we understand that these are vital for success. We believe that awesome company cultures equipped with work-life balance attract brilliant talents. Talk to us to know more about all the fun we have at Dokonee.



Want to become the next Full-Stack-Ninja-Super-Rockstar?

We will teach you how to build great products - back end, front end, web based, iOS and Android. Everything you want to learn, we will teach you.

Further, you will be working with many industry rockstars hailing from various industry leaders, let it be startups or MNC like Quintic, Maxis, CIMB, where we share our knowledge and grow together.

You will be given the chance to participate in various events such as Magic MAP, Cradle events and other paid seminars, and also access to various online knwoledge sources such as Udemy etc.

Let's meet up, we'll show you what we do and let's talk further :)



1. Very, very passionate with software engineering and building awesome products

2. Super duper obssessed with great products and always following the trend tightly

3. Strongly dedicated and determined in hacking for the best optimised products or the way of doing things.

4. Great team player, friendly, productive and efficient. 

5. Basic level of programming is fine, as long as you want to grow fast, we'll support you fully to make it happen.

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Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!