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Videographer & Video Editor

Sofar Sounds is a global network of artists, hosts, and guests, all with the goal of bringing the magic back to live music.

It's a series of music gigs happening in over 330 cities around the world, where the lineup is secret and you find out who is playing once you arrive at the show; and the location is revealed only the day before, to keep things even more magical. These secret gigs aim to bring live music in unconventional spaces, like your living room, balconies, libraries etc, and aim to bring focus back to the artists, creating an atmosphere of full appreciation for who's on stage.  

Sofar began in London as a platform for artists and audiences to come together in a space that is respectful to the performers. This idea was so potent that many cities started their own Sofar chapters and since 2016, present in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

An idea that not only has spread and provided a stage for smaller, lesser known artists to gain global exposure, but also caught the attention and investment of Richard Branson. Read about it here:


Currently at Sofar Sounds Kuala Lumpur, we run 1 show per month. Your monthly time commitment would be of 3-4hours during gig day (usually on weekends) + editing time for 3, 3-4min videos (each gig features 3 artists and they get 1 video each). 

We do not restrict the creativity of any of the filmmakers. We want each gig to have its own unique quality but in keeping with our guidelines so that there is consistency across all global videos. We have our global YouTube channel where all the different cities around the globe feature their artists. This would be the platform where we would be showcasing your beautiful video creations, for the whole world to see! 

You'd be working with 1 other videographer or you can bring a team of your own if you have any. 

At the moment, we run on donations that serve to sustain the minimal costs that it takes to run the shows, so compensation would be minimal, although we are striving as a global movement into making each gig sutainable for the cities running them. 


Preferable requirements for shooting: 

- With experience shooting live music event or music-like videos
- Has an eye for unique close up & panned shots that capture the moment and it's surroundings, that others usually don't notice 
- Experience with moving shots that capture an audience and ambiance
- Must have his/her own video equipment

Preferable requirements for editing: 
- Experience editing short clips 3-4min clips
- Familiar with synching different video clips with independent audio tracks

Each shoot usually involves a standalone static camara + a b-roll + a clean audio track. 
Take a look at this video to get a better idea of what we're looking for:

When applying, please include links or portfolio of previous work, if any. 

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