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Event Ambassadors ($8.50 per hour)

This seems like a simple question.

Yet, most of us will need a while to think about it. And that is what The Best of You movement is about—finding quiet moments in our busy lives to take stock of our accomplishments and appreciate our lives. In asking this question, we want to inspire you to celebrate the accomplishments, life experiences and the people that have brought out the best in you.

Started in 2014, this movement is powered by these tributes to one’s life accomplishments and experiences. Coming from all walks of life, these are tributes that speak of courage, regret, community, love, encouragement, redemption and, most of all, empowerment.

While people shared their stories, many others were inspired and even empowered by their words.

In the spirit of empowering each other with these stories, we are humbled to house them here in this website. We will also be showcasing some of them in a series of exhibitions this year.

With these stories, we want people to come out and share theirs. We hope that, in doing so, these stories will go on to encourage and spur on others.

By sharing your story, you might just change someone else’s life… and yours too. So, tell us about The Best of You.



Flexible working hours.
Only genuine and social-minded listeners need apply.
People of all ages are welcome! 


We are from a social movement called The Best of You and we want to inspire the people in Singapore to appreciate more. If this is something you can stand behind, read on.

The Best of You has been collecting stories from the public since 2014 and we have been using these stories to create a ripple effect of appreciation and gratitude throughout the community. Take a look at some of our stories on and you will see why we want to keep it going.

We'll require movement event ambassadors to perform the following job scopes:

Event Ambassadors ($8.5/hour)

Facilitate the operations of our on-ground activations across Singapore from July to November, which involve explaining the movement to exhibition visitors and encouraging them to share their stories.


Venues and Date:

Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Atrium

8th - 13th May, 8.30am - 6.30pm (half-day shifts available)

Here are some testimonials from our past movement ambassadors.

"First of all, i would like to thank you for the lovely opportunity given to help out in this amazing event. Like i mentioned to you on the last day of work, at first i thought it would be just a typical job, but as days passed by, i feel more attached to it. I was happy working there and i think it is rare for someone to actually love the job they are doing. I feel that the Best of You movement was definitely an inspiration to me as while reading the stories written by the public, it reminded me to be more appreciative of the people around me. Also, this job allowed me to also meet many amazing and friendly people and i am truly grateful for that. We had the chance to work for a good cause and at the same time have fun working with the others.

Thank you so much for making my holidays a really productive one and i will never forget this experience!"

– Hui Mei, 2015 movement ambassador



"I am really grateful that I am part of this amazing and inspiring movement together with a group of passionate people who invested their time and effort in creating this and making this movement a success. This movement is a platform which unite and give people the opportunity to explore that deep down there is a hidden part of them that they would like to express their appreciation to that special someone. It also gave them courage and a positive energy to step up show their appreciation and gratitude which has been hidden and afraid to be shown. This movement is so powerful that almost every individual who walked pass the exhibition would slow down their footstep to take a look and people who are in the exhibition immerse themselves with the inspiring stories that occurred to people who seems to be ordinary like you and I. “

– Esther, 2015 movement ambassador


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