Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time

Senior Backend Developer

AVANA is a platform that transforms ecommerce by enabling social media users to make purchases from their desired merchants within the merchant’s social media channel. Micro enterprises can quickly and easily set up a professional online store at www.avana.asia with an advanced inventory and order management backend complete with payment gateway integration for free in less than 15 minutes.


What you will do:

  • Lead new and adapt existing product growth strategies
  • Identify product vision and roadmap leveraging business and engineering parameters
  • Establish data-driven practices in all product discussions
  • Champion product user priorities
  • Define metrics, processes and systems to develop other product roles
  • You will be working very closely with our CEO to achieve the above

What would help you:

  • Passion for continuous optimization
  • Proficiency in data tools and best practices
  • A strong commitment for quality
  • Pragmatism
  • Experience with culture and discipline in cross-functional, young startup teams
  • Interest in solving startup challenges in a regional context
  • Understanding of local and global industry patterns and consumer psychology
  • Love for working for people, with people
  • Send us anything to tell us more about yourself and your best work


What you should have on you:

  • Have a strong backend/frontend development experience or understanding, and familiar with multitudes of languages and technology stacks on both area.
  • Willing to work with industry/development standards
  • Able to incorporate with existing environment, and may scale himself up according to product needs/direction
  • Willing to lead a scalable development practices
  • Experienced with what web service and ui/ux developer is capable of
  • A solid practice of the scientific method including experiment design, data collection, data analysis, robust documentation and execution
  • Demonstrated successes (and failures) in building user-facing applications using data-driven practices
  • Excellent communication skills and experience in collaborating with people of all subspecies (engineers, business executives, service providers)
  • Ability to think creatively, embrace changes and make swift decisions in high-paced environments

To apply, please send your resume, public code repo and let us know why are you passionate about ecommerce to yienyee@avana.asia

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