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Design a 3D Lemon Car Model using Recycled Materials!

Carro, also known as Car Hero is on a mission to provide an alternative experience to a dealership which car buyers and sellers can trust and rely on. We are looking for awesome developers and programmers from around the world to help us build the next generation car buying and selling platform.

if you are ever in our office, you will realise that our pantry is always well stocked and our internet - blazing fast so that you can work at god speed. We are located on level one with access to plenty of car park lots. And a beautifully renovated open office. You will like working here - promise!

If you love cars like we do, drop us a note


Carro is in search of an individual/ team of creative individuals to design and build a Lemon Car sculpture. This idea stemmed from the concept of the Lemon Law- A  law to protect both consumers and traders by making the playing field more level. 


Through this project, we aim to promote the importance of trust in the car buying and selling process.


Why participate?

1. Hone your creativity, management and execution skills, while embarking on a fun & meaningful project!





Project description

The project requires you/ your team to design and construct a 3D car model that resembles a lemon, using recycled materials.



The top 20 teams will be shortlisted to create & display their art piece in public. 

* Do not let cost hold you back, as material costs for the top 20 teams will be reimbursed (up to $150 for each team)! :D

Th top 3 outstanding teams (in terms of creativity and execution) will receive over $3,000 worth of prizes/cash vouchers!


How To get started:

Please take note of the following project requirements:

1) Form your team of 1-6 members

2)  Indicate your interest by replying this email with the subject "Lemon Car Competition - <Team name> by 31 May 2017.

3) The proposal can follow after, or with the previous email.

Proposals should include:
- A short write-up of how the structure would be made
- Types of materials that will be used
- Estimated cost of production
- Rough sketch of the art


 4) If your team makes the top 20, we will inform you on how you can get started on creating your lemon car!





We hope you embark on this fun and meaningful project, and we look forward to viewing your creative proposal!;) Feel free to email if you have any queries about Carro or this competition!



150 - 3000 SGD

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