Country : Vietnam
  • Full-time

Branch Manager

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- Work: 

1. factory network expansion, 

2. factory network management, 

3. Connecting clients to factories in needs of mass manufacturing. 

4. Give a prototyping consulting service to those in need of making prototypes

5. Quality Control of products from factories

- Education: Preference

1. Major in Management of Technology or Industrial Management

2. Mechanical Engineering background from Engineering school. 

3. Software engineer who is a full stack developer and UI/UX designer. 
4. Student who majors Korean student is also our interest, but not so much as engineering school.

5. Higher education is better

- Origin: Vietnamese who lives in Ho Chi Minh City, or Hanoi. Relocation is fine. 

- Certificates: if any, it would be a plus

- Language: 

1. English speaker is a must.  

2. Speaking Korean would be a huge plus. I would recommend you to look for universities with Korean majors. 

- Experience: 2~3 years of experience in managing a team of 3~5 or more.

- Salary: $800 ~ $1200 per month




18151064 - 27226400 VND

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