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Launched in 2015, we have dedicated ourselves to provide only the quality sports shoes from excellent brands such as Nike, Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Action, Bata & more. This online store houses everything from boxing shoes to running shoes that would not only make you look better, but will also make you perform better.

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Our Mission


It was quite hard for us to gather details of over 30,000 sports shoes in a couple of months, but we succeeded in that. We are known for providing a great online shopping experience for the whole family to buy any kind of sports shoe for the big school event or family tournament.

Our Culture

We are expanding our store into every state, city & provinces of India within the next 1 year and to do that we need young talented & hardworking staff members.

Right now we are a young & vibrant team who are very much obsessive about growth, and if you have the same fire & passion inside you then we welcome you to join us. We are looking for a digital marketer, who can help us establish the in-house team of a search engine optimizer & promoters, handsome salary will be given, currently we have 7 employees & now we have decided to increase the team.


  • Get paid timely for your efforts & have fun while working with us!
  • We believe that happiness is the way to increase efficiency
  • We hate politics & never get into it
  • At our shoe store we monthly organize mini bonding activities
  • Plenty of snacks are available for everyone, all day long
  • Your birthday is your holiday, smile!


Recently we have been voted & got listed in top 10 men’s shoe stores in India


  • Ability to properly analyze competitor’s websites for their traffic sources
  • Capability to find the best keywords for our website campaigns
  • Thorough understanding of website optimization
  • Regularly perform on-page and off-page optimization techniques for good ranking
  • Should be able to provide regular updates about the activities


  • Should have programming backgrounds and little bit understanding of PHP & HTML
  • Slight experience in Photoshop designing & content writing 
  • Good experience in description writing, building backlinks, and optimizing pages
  • Knowledge about WordPress platform & its plugins
  • Great skill in studying analytics & solving problems

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