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Fabelio adalah suatu portal web dalam bidang furnitur yang menghubungkan antara pembeli dan penjual beragam furnitur berkualitas tinggi. Produk- produk yang dijual oleh penjual melalui Fabelio adalah furnitur berkualitas premium dengan harga terbaik. Kami ingin mewujudkan surga dalam rumah Anda. Keindahan, kenyamanan, dan kehangatan merupakan fokus dasar dari setiap produk yang dijual oleh penjual. Fabelio bekerjasama dengan pengrajin dan produsen manufaktur kelas atas untuk menjadi Penjual dalam website kami. Dengan menggabungkan aksen modern dan minimalis, produk penjual yang terdaftar pada website kami memiliki cita estetika yang akan menghangatkan suasana rumah Anda. Lebih daripada itu, kami akan memastikan bahwa desain furnitur yang unik secara visual sekaligus tetap sepenuhnya fungsional.


My key task and responsibilities here is to create the design (as I mention earlier) and supervise all product designer so everything is on the right track, such as choosing the right material, design concept, construction and do trial and error for the prototype. Every product that we design already been communicate with supply team who make the NEED list and of course the rough pricing.

 Here we are collaborating with supplier and supply team to get the price and construction right. We will communicate with the supplier is it possible to produce or not and discuss together about the price.

 After we got approval from the supply team, design team will supervised of prototype status is it by phone/chats and physical check on their factory.

 All the prototype making stage is design team responsibilities until it was approved or reject by the R&D team.   

 For custom order furniture for B2C customer, I choose / info the CS team if it’d possible to produce or not and gave them rough estimation selling price. All the drawing (both 3d and technical drawing) can be done from my side or others product designer (in this case is nugie), but all the task will be given from my side and supervised the person in charge to make it right (structure, design, price).

For B2B custom usually my part here is fully to supervise the designer to do it, but if there was any emergency case



1. Furniture Designing

Every month supply team give us list of product that need to be designed / sell on the website. Detail of the design includes selling price and styles

Design team role is to match all the category, especially for the material and structure of the product, because those 2 main point can determine the price and the finished product

2. Customization

 Every furniture can be customize depend on the how customer want it to be.

Our customization can be done by the existing product or a completely new product. Other furniture that was in the custom category is Wardrobe, Kitchen and Built in furniture.


3. Prototyping

 Design team is the one who responsible for the product in the websites. All of product that we sell must be passed all the quality, structure and pricing.

In this case design team was collaborating with the R&D team which is helping us through to testing the products, and we also collaborating with the supplier  to discuss and decide how the product will be produce,  to design the structure of the products, and break down the price so the price range still met with the requirement that we get from supply team

4. Improving Product

 Improve all the furniture that already been sell. This improvement includes pricing and re-structuring. This thing needs to be done because later on some of our product that sold on the website was not been prototype, some of them was not have the right structure and sometimes the pricing was not right.



1. Interior Designing

Supporting E2E team to do the interior designing from concept to final draws within the deadline.

Main purpose is to create space, interior and fulfil what client needs that already been told from the E2E team and the clients.  From choosing the right furniture, proposing the layout, choosing the right material for the wall & floor and Ceiling Plans (lighting) 

2. Meet with the Client

 Get what clients need and want

For this part, interior designer with E2E team discuss everything that clients need, such as concept design, layout and spaces

3. Check On Site

Checking every detail on site. Such as measurement, Electrical, Plumbing and building / area rules

4. Presentation

Make and do the presentation for client. Both for the oral presentation and documents

5. Design Revision

Do revision regarding clients need

This could happened from the designing process or construction stage


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