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Experience Manager - Kyoto

Remote Year is a program for global professionals that travel for a year with interesting people while working remotely (12 cities, 12 months). Remote Year organizes accommodations, shared workspace, travel, and events in each city for the group. We are looking for City Managers, Program and Operations staff in APAC.


Experience Manager Role Description

Experience Managers are ultimately responsible for the Remote Year experience in their city. They serve as the face of the program for all groups that come to the city, coordinate programming and on the ground customer support, and assist with logistics.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Be the face of Remote Year in your city

    • Interact with Remotes in group and individual settings on a daily basis

    • Provide opportunities for Remotes find, plan, and connect in as many ways as possible

    • Effectively communicate your local knowledge through existing RY tools and individual and group in person interactions

  2. Design and execute local programming to provide a platform for unique, locally immersive experiences in your city

    • Design month long programming event calendars for each community’s monthlong stay in your city that creates opportunities for Remotes to

      • Connect with local people and professionals

      • Try something in their growth zone (a new experience)

      • Experience the city in a unique, local way they wouldn’t have without your expertise, experience, and connections

      • Showcase their own skills and learn new skills and perspectives from others

    • Execute all events flawlessly including comprehensive communications to partners, vendors, and Remotes, precise budgeting, and seamless logistics.

  3. Provide on the ground support on sensitive and/or urgent matters

    • Respond swiftly and appropriately to all types of issues and emergencies: medical, legal, interpersonal, etc

    • Be on call 24/7 for support where and when needed from logistical issues to medical and other emergencies

  4. Work in tandem/support the Ops Lead

    • Support the city operations manager with tasks such as monthly transitions of groups and some pre-arrival logistics




  • Should be from Kyoto or have lived there for at least 2 years

  • Can converse in Japanese

  • Speaks great Japanese and English and has strong communication skills (verbal + written)

  • Tourism and/or customer service experience

  • Event Planning experience

  • Local knowledge / network of reliable and experienced contacts

  • Passion for meeting and connecting people


  1. Passion for our mission – we need to get every potential employee excited about the unique way that we are changing the world, and you are the front

  2. Passion for travel – all team members share a common passion for traveling and learning more about the world through first hand experiences

  3. Ownership – we don’t like micromanaging. We expect dedication and ownership

  4. Organization skills – great time management skills, ability to multitask

  5. Interpersonal skills - this role is responsible for quickly conveying the Remote Year brand and experience to potential Remotes (customers)

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