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Full Stack Developer

East Side Mafia is a leading Digital Agency in Singapore.

We specialize in High Quality Website Development, and helping Companies with Revenue of $20 Million and above grow their business online.



Hi Everyone! 

We're looking for Mid Level Full Stack Devs. 

Keeping this as short as possible, write to us with your past projects, which stacks you're comfortable with, and why you think you'll be awesome for this position! 

Please be as specific as possible! 

We're looking for Devs with at least 3 years experience in Full Stack, working in teams, and comfortable with Agile methodologies. 

Test assignments will be provided to ascertain your level of programming. 

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you! 



  • Minimum 3 Years in Mid Level programming 
  • Have a proven track record 
  • Able to work independently, mentor and manage a small team of junior devs 


3500 - 7000 SGD

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