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Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Influence Lab is a digital marketing agency in Singapore and KL that helps businesses generate more leads and business online. We help to build marketing funnels with our proprietary methodology, and drive traffic with social media marketing, paid advertising, and SEO.

We have recently expanded to include tech product offerings and digital marketing education, and we are looking for talented individuals to join the team.


Hello! Have you dabbled with digital marketing? Do you love giving business owners advice about what they should do about their digital marketing? And by the way, do you happen to love driving projects with a team?

Digital Influence Lab is looking for an all-rounded digital marketing manager to join our growing team. As a digital marketing manager, you should be well immersed in the digital marketing world. You understand terms like funnels, paid ads, landing pages, call to action etc. You’re also good at managing people and projects. You will be working remotely and in the office when required. 

To be considered, please also answer the following questions in your cover letter when applying (P/s: Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification!):

1. What are some experiences you have that makes you suitable for this job?

2. A virtual designer in the team has been unresponsive online for a day and we need an urgent piece of work from him to submit to a client. What will you do in this situation?

3. (Now, a fun one!) Re-arrange the following in sequence to form what you think is a good sales funnel: Emails, Checkout Page, Analytics, Paid Ads, Upsell Page, Landing Page.


  • Oversee multiple digital marketing projects

  • Communicate with clients

  • Manage and drive the team (writers, designers, webmasters) to produce good quality work for clients and the company

  • Directing and managing content creation, traffic generation and conversion on in-house and clients’ landing s


  • MUST HAVE: Knowledge in digital marketing funnels and setup (familiarity with paid ads, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and putting them together for a strategy)

  • MUST HAVE: At least 1 year experience in the Digital Marketing field

  • MUST HAVE: Keen interest in Digital Marketing

  • MUST HAVE: Strong leadership and management skills

  • Good to have... Experience or working knowledge in:

           > Wordpress or other content management systems

           > Google tools (Analytics, Webmaster, AdWords)

           > Social media dashboards and measurement tools

           > E-mail marketing tools

           > HTML / CSS / JS / PHP etc.

           > Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign etc.)

  • Experience managing multiple projects

  • Good writing and communication skills

  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, performance-driven environment

Please apply ONLY if you fulfil all ‘must have’ requirements. We look forward to your application :)


2500 - 8000 MYR

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