PigeonLab (Pigeonhole Live)
Country : Singapore
  • Full-time

Software Engineer (Full-Stack - JavaScript)

PigeonLab is a Singapore-based startup company with a talented, diverse and multinational team. We are the people behind, Pigeonhole Live (https://www.pigeonholelive.com). We have a startup work ethic that is results and output oriented.

We work with hundreds of multinational companies in their business events and meetings. To date, we have powered thousands of events in more than 50 countries. Our customers use Pigeonhole Live to drive audience interactivity at their events with live Q&A, real-time polls and more.

We're looking for motivated, smart and humble people who are eager to share and acquire knowledge, passionate about their field of work and are meticulously output-driven. You must be a team player and take pride in the collective impact of the company. We believe in providing a supportive environment for our employees where everyone has the opportunity to focus on their area of interest, acquire relevant, in-depth experience and upgrade and improve. Come join us as we embark on an expanded journey to take us to greater heights!

We have multiple positions available at any time. If we don't have an advertised role specific to you, we're still happy to receive your CV to find out how you can contribute!


We’re looking for highly talented developers with strong, competent JavaScript skills to join our team. We collaborate and work closely across disciplines, so you should communicate effectively and work well with others. You will have opportunities to take ownership and drive projects, so you should also be driven, results oriented, and proactive. You must possess a strong desire for producing high quality code and the ability to iterate and execute ideas swiftly with minimal direction.

You will be part of our core development team that develops and maintains our web applications and backend APIs. Responsibilities include building and shipping new features, scaling our infrastructure, ensuring data reactivity and web responsiveness. Our web applications are built as a single page app, with JavaScript on the frontend, and node.js running express on the backend. We use websockets (with SockJS) to sync data between users in realtime.

You will also work closely with our product design team to deliver new, innovative features and platform improvements to our customers. You will build clean and efficient API endpoints in a NodeJS environment. You will join a fast-paced team focused on shipping new improvements monthly.


Skills we are looking for:

  • Expert-level fluency in Javascript and one modern front-end framework like Angular, Backbone, React, Vue
  • Strong in OOP Javascript (Node.js is a plus)
  • Competent in thinking functionally (stateless)
  • Comfortable with designing (as opposed to consuming) API systems
  • Good software engineering (Design patterns, abstractions)
  • Front-end development skills – HTML5, CSS3
  • Experience with deploying large scale web applications (especially on AWS)
  • Experience with SQL
  • Experience designing and implementing scalable web services.

Everything else can be learnt on the job if you’re as good as you say you are! Apart from your impressive skills, we also expect you to be morally responsible, humble, and have a penchant for doing the right things. Competitive salary compensurate with your experience. No relocation scheme so you’re expected to be residing in Singapore. We’re open to your needs and requirements to help you excel on the job.

Fresh graduates can apply if you have prior experience in your own personal projects.

We're expanding our team with 2 additional positions.

Other positions available, as well as employee benefits: https://pigeonholelive.com/jobs/


4000 - 8000 SGD

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