Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time
  • Co-founder

NodeJS Full Stack Developer

At Trontal, we aim to build profound, innovative systems that can automate a variety of processes. Our main focus is currently real-time data analysis of the cryptocurrency markets.

We are looking for passionate talents to join us to build and develop innovative systems for this young and booming category. The Web 3.0 is here and this will largely be uncharted territory, so if you are up for a good challenge, feel free to apply.


You will participate in full stack web development (MEAN stack), with the main focus on building a robust, innovative backend system that analyses financial\crypto data in real time and feeds it to users. If you are experienced and capable, we will consider you for a CTO/co-founder position.

Other Responsibilities

  • Bug fixing
  • Write good tests (unit tests, integration tests, system tests)
  • Design databases with MongoDB and to support frontend queries
  • Be involved in product design

What We Offer

We are a new startup that has huge growth potential as more and more users realize the importance of blockchain technology. Objective, accurate data analysis is a must as the industry booms into the next Internet revolution. In addition, we are well-funded.





  • Good understanding of the MEAN stack
  • Good knowledge of NodeJS framework/modules (Express, Jade\Moustache, etc)
  • Familiar with ES6 syntax
  • Ability to design effecient databases and query them
  • Fluent in English
  • Profecient in JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of building effective APIs and the HTTP protocol
  • UI/UX development is a plus
  • Experience with cloud deployment (we are currently not live yet)
  • Other app-development languages is a plus (Swift, Java)


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