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Full Stack Web Developer (GoLang, Rails, Phoenix)

Are you looking to build awesome scalable Golang, Rails and Phoenix web apps? Why not join our adventure in crafting kickass products for emerging industries and markets! 

Whether you are a black belt code ninja, level 1 noob or master builder, get in touch with us, I'm sure we have a place for you in our diverse working environment. So diverse, in fact, some of our team members may choose to nomad around Asia while contributing Git commits. 

About Silicon Jungles

Designing and Building Products for Southeast Asia

We are the leading product design and development foundry. Working with entrepreneurs, startups and companies, we conceptualize, design, build, scale and launch innovative digital products and solutions. 


eXtreme Programming • UX Centric Design • RAT • Retrospective 
Golang • Elixir + Phoenix • Ruby on Rails • Node.JS • React Native • Electron 
Terraform • Docker • Kubernetes • AWS 
Entrepreneurs • Startup Veterans • User Group Organizers 


* Develop applications designed to run on the cloud, web, mobile, desktop, TV and Internet of Things devices. 
* Practice test-driven development and maintain a high level of code test coverage. 
* Adopt agile practices such as extreme programming. 
* Manage and maintain development, staging, production and continuous integration environments. 
* Travel overseas for training and work purposes as per required by the company. 
* Provide training and guidance for new developers. 


* Able to demonstrate ownership and passion for the products and projects that you are assigned to. 
* Able to demonstrate competent programming skills of any one modern programming language, including but not limited to, Ruby, JavaScript, Elixir, Shell Script, GoLang, Java, Python, Kotlin and Objective-C. 
* Working experience in any one modern web MVC or application framework. 
* Working experience in any one modern cloud provisioning platform. 
* Able to write code for UX, business logic, database queries, network and system level related components. 
* Competent in the use source code repository such as GitHub. 
* A good command of English and a sense of humor ^_^ 


3000 - 8000 SGD

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