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Executive Assistant - Botbot.ai

We stay true to our belief that automation empowers our productivity — but productivity isn’t everything. At the end of the day, it’s about maximizing human potential and the prospect of pushing our own limits that get us up every morning. How we want to accomplish this is by empowering people with tools to take out the menial, repetitive and transactional tasks - all so that they can push their own limits of cognition.

So we created Botbot.AI - a self-learning platform that helps enterprises boost their productivity through automation of conversations, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning — moving people from the mundane to higher-value work across all industries.

At heart, we’re not just developers, designers nor consultants - we’re people who believe in people, and we analyse, execute fast, and iterate. We actively acquire and exchange knowledge, and actively unearth problems to solve. From the interns to the founders, all of us bring unique value, narratives, and knowledge to the table. We harness our skills and strategy daily and put in the collective effort to get us to our audacious goal — to be craftsmen of conversation. 


As an Executive Assistant, you will be responsible for full executive supportto the team and reportto the Chief of Staff. You will create impact by:


Essentially "gatekeeper" and "gateway" role, protecting the team’stime and energy by predicting what is needed and addressing it. Gets things done with speed & agility, maintainsteam efficacy & efficiency.

- Handling receptionist duties, including attending to visitors, mail and calls

- Maintaining the office space and handling the provision of cleaning, supplies regularly

- Scheduling meetings and optimizing the team’s personal and daily work agenda, including travel logistics and errands

- Receiving incoming communications and follows-up by determining a course of action, response or referral for the team.

- Keeps the team well-informed of upcoming commitments and responsibilities

- Summarizes articles, correspondences and meetings for the team


- Screening calls for candidates and arranging for interviews, being the first point of contact with the company

- Planning team building events and activities, including managing logistics and budget

- Prepares materials for onboarding and team reviews, including org. charts and project files

- Process claims and submissions, maintaining a tidy and organized documentation system

- Processing reports, forms and documents on behalf of the team, ensuring that they are tended to in a timely and complete manner.

Sales & Events

- Reads and routes incoming email to the appropriate team member for further action

- Event planning for events and collaterals, including liaising with suppliers and vendors

- Maintain sales funnel actively, with weekly follow-ups on behalf of the team if necessary

- Compile data for reports, conduct basic research for proposals and craft such collateral as needed


To be successful, you should be:

- An owner. You take up problems in your immediate vicinity and carry them through. You also advocate for our values and culture, both internally and externally.

- A champion at getting things done. Strong at execution, documentation, organization, prioritization and time-management. You make things happen, and when tasks land with you, they don’t come back half-done. You hold yourself accountable, see it as your problem, and are willing to “fail faster” and ask foolish questions to get things done.

- Gritty. You are resilient and will go the extra mile to complete a task.

- Fiercely protective of the team and all its resources, including time, budget and energy.

- Excellent at writing and verbal communication, and can interface with internal and external high level stakeholders in a professional manner.

- Very familiar with Mac/iOS, including Keynote, and Google apps such as Gmail, Drive, Sheets, and is receptive to using new productivity and communication tools.

- Able to maintain a high level of confidentiality, tact and decisiveness while working under the pressure of urgent demands, changing circumstances and competing deadlines

- Certifications don’t matter. ​We want strong learners with great relational skills!

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