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Senior Data Analyst

IlmuOne Data is a fast-growing startup in data analytics consultancy. We provide C-suite executives and start-up founders with industry-leading digital marketing and data analytics solutions. Included in our services are technical solutions (e.g. implementation and maintenance support of analytics software) and advisory solutions (e.g. custom business insights to drive actionable performance). IlmuOne Data's team comprises professionals with 10+ years of both client-side advisory and product-side technical expertise


  • Perform a structured explorative analysis to come up with solutions for clients
  • Present analytics solutions and visualize the insights data in a way that can be understandable by any audience with different technical understanding, whether it is the C-Levels, Managers, or Technical and Analytical people
  • Develop and maintain client analytics reports, presentations, and data.
  • Design an experiment for A/B Test for Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Ready to come up with customized solutions for client’s specific issues if necessary
  • Identify opportunities to develop forecasts, statistical models, segmentation schemes, and data-driven analyses to drive marketing and merchandising efforts around customer acquisition and conversion.
  • Integrate web analytics into transactional and customer analytics.
  • Assist in implementation of client’s analytics solutions with internal Project Coordinator.
  • Assist the design and development of analytical projects designed to understand key business behaviors that drive customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.
  • Discover new opportunities to optimize the business through analytics and statistical modeling.
  • Partner with the Technology teams to deliver a stable and highly available reporting platform.


  • Advanced Excel skills required
  • Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics required
  • Knowing a data processing or visualization scripting language like R or Phyton is an added bonus
  • Educational background in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is highly preferred
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and keep supervisors informed
  • Have 1 - 2 years working experience as a business intelligence or data analyst in a startup company is preferred
  • Have a sense of ownership in their work
  • Put themselves under scrutiny in terms of standard for their own quality of work
  • Ability to work well in a team environment
  • Ability to communicate in clear and concise terms
  • Ability to develop clear, unique and precise explorative data analyses

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