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Country : Indonesia
  • Full-time

DevOps (Backend) Engineer

Crowdo is a fintech startup operating an online marketplace for lending (P2B Lending) and investments (Securities Crowdfunding).  Its mission is to connect businesses in emerging markets with a global community of investors by adapting the latest innovative new technologies to create a more efficient and superior financing journey. Headquartered in Singapore, Crowdo has operations in Indonesia as well as Malaysia and is registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan and Securities Commission of Malaysia.


We are looking for a DevOps Engineer with at least 3 years of managing backend for production system. You will be working in a team, building amazing Fintech platform.


·      Engineer sound backend architecture with proper redundancies, fallback plan (e.g. DB, Networks)

·      Develop continuous delivery pipeline in a proper SDLC

·      Implement strong access control policy to the system

·      Work closely with compliance team to fulfill Technology Risk Management by MAS

·      Work closely with other engineers to make sound protocol decisions

·      Implement good security practices in a financial grade platform

·      Perform IT operations such as code deployment, backups, pen-test and vulnerability test on a regular basis

·      Recommend and work on improving platform performance and stability

·      Monitor and resolve system health issues

·      Identify system bottleneck and propose viable solutions


·      Computer Science degree from top academic institution is mandatory (e.g. Degree or Masters)

·      Ability to use a wide range of open source technologies and tools

·      Ability to code and script in python, bash

·      Experience deploying on AWS EC2, RDS, VPC, Route53, S3

·      Strong VPC working knowledge

·      Experience conducting security testing

·      Experience writing in Ruby is desired

·      Experience working with a TRM compliant company is desired

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