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IT Lecturer

vKirirom Pte Ltd (Company registration No.201403399D)has 100% share of A2A town Cambodia Co., Ltd which is developing vKirirom Nature City at the top of Kirirom National Park in Cambodia. We are going to invest over 500Musd for our 1st phase of the development plan which has been approved by Cambodia government.

We have started vKirirom project since 2012. As of now we run 3 main business objectives, education, glamping & villa resort, realestate, and will build up new city in nature.


<Job Responsibilities>

  • Teach and manage learning activities on a range of courses provided by the University and associated subjects.
  • Develop and prepare curriculum, course plans, learning materials, assignments, activities and assessments for student learning.
  • Undertake monitoring and assessment of students’ course work, Internship work and examinations, and maintain up-to-date and accurate records of their progress and achievement. Act as an Assessor or internal verifier, if appropriate.
  • Participate fully in course team activities and act as leader of a course team or teams as appropriate.
  • Assist with the admission, enrolment and induction of students.
  • Contribute to the development, promotion and marketing of new courses and new approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Contribute to the review of learning programmes and to the implementation of quality improvement action plans, as part of the College quality framework.
  • Provide high quality academic, pastoral and personal support for students, including acting as personal tutor to a group of students.
  • Contribute to student recruitment through participation in marketing and promotional Events.


<Why we start recruiting in Singapore?>

vKirirom Pte Ltd, we are a holding company of A2A town Cambodia Co., Ltd which is one of the biggest project in Cambodia and plan to go to public in next 5 years. In order to make it happen, we are looking for the staff who can work for long with us with high commitment.

This is quite unique and influential project that was started by Japanese serial entrepreneur Mr.Takeshi Izuka who used to sell his own data analytics company to NTT communications.

We manage KIT (Kirirom Institute of Technology), which is premier institution as IT department in Cambodia. The students’ level would be outstanding and they are involved in the real IT projects that they got from clients overseas. In addition to this, some of them used to get 1st place in some Hackerthon in Asia. And we consider KIT as a head of our development project.

KIT will have 30,000 students in future and manage whole our development area by each department. So we need more companies which could cooperate with KIT. For example, we are looking for either scholarship sponsor or internship job. That’s why we are going to expand the market from Cambodia to Japan and Singapore now.

It would be great if you contact us to get more information and apply for it. We guarantee that you gain much more experiences or try new things through our business. Let’s work with us on this exciting project. 


  • Coding capabilities
  • Subject knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Growth Hacking and other common computer science subjects (any 2 should suffice)
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Bachelor's Degree​

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