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Human Resources Internship

Seeka Technology is the world's first Education Search Engine Company helping aspiring university students to search and enrol for university courses all over the world. With under 1 billion yearly education searches, seeka's mission is to become the world's leader in search engine for education


We are seeking a Humanre Resource Intern to manage day to day HR functions of the company. You will be placed under the guidance of senior startup founders to help you ensure you gain a productive internship.

An intern's day at work [but not limited to]:

​- Manage recruitment websites and posting job advertizements

- Schedule interview times with job applicants

- Review interview process and evaluation with senior HR from time to time to improve the process and screening 

- Manage the onboarding process of new employees at the office

- Manage employee relations within the office and act as a mediator to solve any disputes between employees


A major in Human Resources Management, Psychology and other relevant fields are encouraged to apply

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