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Entrepreneurial Program-Tech Firm-Start your own business in 6 months

Our VR panorama tour platform:

RENO+ is the very first company in Southeast Asia that integrates interior designers, renovation contractors, and furnisher supplier within one platform to offer a complete one-stop solution to provide a better renovation journey.


Entrepreneurial Program-Tech Firm-Start your own business in 6 months

Learn how to setup a company and start your own company in oversea market in 6 month.

Advantages of Entrepreneurial Program in

  • You want to get your hands dirty and learn first-hand on the ground just how a small technology company really runs, and to be deeply involved in this process.
  • You want to be recognised and measured by the results of your own two hands, and not be the paper qualifications you possess/not possess, and definitely not by the perfect 4.0 GPA you may/ may not have. In return, you will learn to measure a company not by how much money it raised, nor by the sheer amount of press coverage it gets, not by the "cool hip" factor of being associated with it, but by how much revenue it is making and will be making in the future, by the impact of how much value it creates for itself, its stakeholders and its clients.
  • You have the insatiable need to get meaningful and productive things done rather than wasting your time on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram; you don't fancy being stuck behind a desk and abhor going for meaningless time-wasting mind-and-ego-inflating shallow events. You actively seek problems to fix, and "getting things done" is as natural as breathing to you. To you, anywhere is an office as long as you can get your tasks done, and anytime is the measure of your capabilities and abilities to perform.

Responsibilities and Duties

As an entrepreneurial intern at, you will be given multiple challenges to meet, genuine opportunities to learn and the ability to decide what you want to earn. With numerous ongoing product representation negotiations and contract signings, ongoing sector-segmented marketing campaigns, active expansion activities into Asian countries, a massive overhaul operation on all corporate materials, a broader engagement strategy on virtual tour community engagement, there is never a dull moment.


You will be working alongside the Managing Director, Senior Consultants, Operations Staff, R&D Engineer and 2 Entrepreneurial Interns for a minimum of 6 months up to a maximum of 2 years (we are fine with you doing this internship during your school term) on any combination of the belowmentioned areas; do note that this list is NOT exhaustive:


Business Development

  • Structure existing and new products/services into sector-based solutions
  • Create/rewrite/refactor product/services corporate collateral
  • Work together with the direct mail staff on monthly campaigns
  • Streamline and clean up the direct mail campaign regional databases
  • Establish and nurture new channels in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines, Middle East, Europe, US for certain key product lines
  • Work with existing clients to better understanding their needs (current and future), and structuring engagement plans for next 12 months for each individual client
  • Re-work existing sales deck, re-factor into segment-based decks
  • Meet with new clients and present together with either Managing Director or business development staff
  • Design, deploy and maintain business development campaigns, including lead generation and relationship building



  • Work on improvements on internal processes and digitizing/automating certain key business processes
  • Explore streamlining existing corporate information (generation and management) structure
  • Assist in writing proposals
  • Assist in corporate brand streamlining campaign
  • Work with contractors in translating corporate collateral into Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Tagalog and Thai
  • Improve on our existing Corporate Social Responsibility programmes
  • Re-develop regional sales team engagement strategy, incentive structure, corporate materials and demo equipment policies and support



Having the Right Mindset

Ask not what your internship can do for you, but what you can do for yourself, your mentor and your own future. 

  • You are a person that measure your internship not by the hours you clock-in but by the number of opportunities you can seize and act upon.
  • In your work, you ensure that your yes is yes, and your no is no. Your focus is on the needs of the customer, not on yourself or your personal comfort.
  • You believe that if anything is to be done, it must be done to the very best of your abilities; you do not give excuses and find someone/something else to blame.
  • You expect, and even demand that your internship to be one where you will stretch your limits and discover your potential to the fullest, outside your years spent in theory-based educational environments.You always seek to do what is meaningfully hard, not what is convenient and a easy addition to your "feather in your cap" collection. 

No Age and Gender Discrimination

Whether you are a fresh GCE O level graduate (Nicholas started his first company right after his GCE O levels when he was 16) or a corporate person looking into an entrepreneurial career and wanting to get your feet wet in a rapidly changing entrepreneurial environment, feel free to apply!


Less Emphasis on Educational Qualifications

We do not scrutinize your educational qualifications. While we recognise that being able to communicate and write in basic English is important, these are the X-factors that we will really look out for:

  • Ability to get things done, and done well
  • Work autonomously; this is an Entrepreneurial internship after all
  • Have a great attitude; knowing how and when to say Please, Thank You and I am sorry is critical
  • Always going the extra mile; we aim to please
  • Continuous learning; we recognize that we learn by doing, and that making mistakes are fine as long as we correct ourselves.
  • Listen actively and pro-active in finding solutions to problems (rather than wait for instructions)
  • Have a good moral compass; we do business right.

So GCE 'O' level, GCE 'A' level students, ITE graduates, Polytechnic and University graduates, are all welcome!

How to Apply for the Entrepreneurial Internship

If you like what you are reading so far, send in your application and tell us the following (a paragraph for each question is good enough, we just want to know what makes you tick):

1. Why you are the person we must have on our team.

2. Tell us about what you want to achieve in your life and how this internship would play a critical role in your life journey.

3. Tell us what you want to take up (in the section "Responsibilities and Duties") and how you intend to work on these areas, should you be given the opportunity to do so.


OPTIONAL: If you have any of the additional skills below, please do flag them out in your application:

  • Language fluency in Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Tagalog, Myanmar
  • Prior experience and existing connections from working in the interior design, renovation, real estate,  tourism & hospitality, photography sectors
  • Designing of print and/or web materials
  • Knowledge and experience in integrating administrative structures
  • Corporate sales experience
  • Technical skills in computer/mobile hardware and software (including troubleshooting)

Note: There is NO internship allowance Basic Business Training phase(Average Three to Six month). As an Entrepreneurial Intern of our company, once you are past your Basic Business Training phase, you are able to negotiate on the area(s) of business/profit centres YOU will lead and run, and on the profit spilt you would receive from the work and deals that you successfully made and closed.


Should your experience with us be fruitful and meaningful, we are willing to explore the possibilities of retaining you in the company for full-time positions or encourage you to expand oversae market and start your own business.

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