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Country : Singapore
  • Full-time

Senior Fullstack Python Developer for Fintech Startup

Bento is a B2C and B2B2C robo-advisor that brings fundamentally led based institutional asset allocation model for individual investors level at a very low price point using technology.

The investment algorithm is based on Harry Markowitz Efficient portfolio theory and incorprates low cosr investing into ETFs. The proprietary portfolio construction tool employs scientific analysis of risk tolerance to satisfy various investment needs. The scalable platform remains highly customizable and every customer gets a portfolio particular to their objectives and assessed risk appetite.

Bento leverages on B2B channels to provide cost effective solutions to banks, insurance companies and wealth managers. Bento’s CEO is a 20 year wealth management veteran and formerly CEO of ING Asset Management in Singapore.


- Develop backend Restful API for financial applications/tools using Django Python framework to help investors build, customise and analyse their investment assets.

- Write well-written logic code to optimize investment portfolio or planning long-term investment. (basic maximize/minimize problems in mathematic)

- Building loosely coupled system which consists of many services/components and deploys these services to AWS infrastructure.

- Work with different teams (in multiple regions) and follow Agile development processes.


Job Requirements:
-  4+ years of experience in web development with strong knowledge of Linux ecosystem, Agile, Git, working with CI/CD pipeline development process.     
- Min 3+ year of experience in Python programming and Django with Django Rest Framework to build RESTful API backend.
- Having 2+ year of experience with one of Single Page Application front-end technology (Angular/React) and have the ability to customise HTML5 and CSS template.
- Experienced with Postgres RDBMS, NumPy, Scipy, CVXOPT, celery, wkhtmltopdf, nginx, AWS cloud infrastructure.

Preferred Qualification:
- Have basic dev-ops skill and a good understanding of server side technologies (bash, SSH, Docker container, microservices, OAuth, JWT, AES encryption, etc ..)
- Strong mathematic skill or having finance knowledge is a plus.
- Familiarity with Test Automation Tools and Unit Testing frameworks.
- Excellent problem solving and debugging skills.
- Comfortable working with existing code and also writing code from scratch.
- Team player with strong organizational and interpersonal skills.
- Bachelor/Master graduated in Computer Science related fields. 


4000 - 7000 SGD

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