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IT Internship

Moving Walls was formed with a vision to enable future “Smart Cities”. Our expertise in Smart Media, Smart Data, and Smart Content – some of the fastest-growing, billion-dollar industries – is evident in the solutions we provide:

  • Moving Audiences – for intelligent outdoor placements. It is already the largest network of digital screens in Asia.
  • Moving Insights – audience location data to power hyperlocal targeting. Our platform can measure any location in the world without additional hardware deployment.
  • Moving Experiences – immersive content for engaging brand experiences. We use augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile applications, gamification, and more to transform brand messages

Why Join Us?

We live by our #NoBoundaries manifesto. If you're an innovator and a trailblazer who thrives in a fast-paced and technology-driven work environment then you fit the bill.

Join us to move walls.


Required Skills:

1. Understanding of how computer and web works.

for example: memory management, processor, networks, Client server request and response cycle.

2.Skilled in below programming languages.

    a. if..else/switch case

    b. for/do..while/while/for..each/

    c.  Array

    d. Object Oriented programming.

3. Csoding experience in creating an app or program for web, for mobile or desktop environment.

4. Preferable programming Language.

    a) Java

    b) Python

    c) JavaScript 

d) C++

5.  Be able to use/follow coding methodology.

6. Write test cases.

7. Expected to do unit testing & system testing.

8. Ability to write reusable code


  • Pursuing qualification if Computer Science/Software Engineering
  • Duration of 6 months or more



500 - 1000 MYR

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