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Vendor Verifications

Rewardz is an employee’s benefits platform that offers corporate style benefits to a large pool of businesses and employees. We aim to help employees enjoy and utilize these corporate rewards. The vision behind our start-up is to help businesses realize the value of their employees. Rewardz provides non-cash benefits and other corporate discounts to businesses. These businesses range from large companies to even small-medium enterprises. We are a one-stop shop providing businesses:

ü  affordable & integrated perks platform for companies of any size

ü  easy one-stop access to all benefits 24/7 for employees

ü  hassle-free and end-to-end vendor management for employers

ü  unique and attractive B2B marketing channel for merchants

ü  leverage on consolidated bargaining power of our clients


1.      He/She will verify the use of app at different vendor locations (the information and list will be provided by Rewardz)

2.      He;/She will also check if the vendor outlet has put up Rewardz wobbler and decals at their shop front;.

3.      He/She will has to fill up the information in Google docs after verifications with the site info

4.      He/She shall be competent/ comfortable with the internet as well as usage of Google docs.


5.      The part timer will be paid $4 per location plus $80 transportation reimbursement per month. 


1. Freelance part-timer who is able to check/verify an average of 30 vendor locations per week.

2. Needs to be using a Samsung Phone S4 and newer

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