Impact Terra
Country : Myanmar
  • Full-time

Chief Operations Officer

Impact Terra is a fast growing agricultural, financial and big-data technology social enterprise. We offer a digital services platform, 'Golden Paddy', for farmers and farming households. The Golden Paddy platform provides specific and targeted content and advice to each of its users. Impact Terra’s non-profit, knowledge institute, government and other partners contribute their content and knowledge to the platform. The Golden Paddy platform is independent and provides objective and exhaustive information and advice to its users. Our Golden Paddy digital platform consists of several channels, ranging from an Android app, mobile website and mobile data tools to a very popular Facebook page. We are reaching more than 2 million farmers per month and users in more than 97% of all townships in Myanmar. 

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We are looking for a motivated, hard-working, social and entrepreneurial strong leader with 5 to 10 years leadership and business development experience.

The COO will be responsible for the daily operations and accelerated growth of Impact Terra – with initial focus on Myanmar/HQ operations. The COO will directly report to and be a sparring partner to the Founder & CEO. The COO will be heavily involved or even leading the expansion of Golden Paddy into new markets.

The COO position is based in Yangon, Myanmar with regular travel within Myanmar, likely within South-East Asia and occasionally to Europe/the Netherlands. The COO will receive a participation in Impact Terra as part of the compensation package - based on performance.



The COO is responsible for the accelerated growth of Impact Terra and the Golden Paddy platform. There is no standard job description for this entrepreneurial and highly challenging role. The Impact Terra team and therefore the COO needs to continuously learn and adapt to grow the userbase, engagement, impact and monetization of Golden Paddy. We expect the COO to be an entrepreneur with a no-nonsense, critical and constructive attitude. The COO will be the right hand of the Founder & CEO.   

The COO will be fully responsible for:

  • Connect: link farmers to the Golden Paddy platform

o   Marketing program (incl. Facebook marketing)
o   Retailer program
o   Ambassador program

  • Engage: encourage farmers to use Golden Paddy´s functionalities, content and advice

o   User Insight Program
o   Access to Knowledge program
o   Access to Markets program
o   Engagement optimization program

  • Impact: drive impact on farmers lives focused on improving livelihoods and food security

o   Impact program
o   Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Monetize: earn income from the platform and Impact Terra’s services to fuel Golden Paddy’s growth and impact

o   Agribusiness sales
o   Advertisement agency sales

  • Support

o   Recruiting & HR
o   Accounting

The COO will support the CEO on the following topics

  • Investor and donor relations
  • Product Development
  • Data Intelligence
  • Earth Observation program
  • Access to Finance Program
  •  Research agencies development
  • Corporate Sales

The COO will be responsible for growing Impact Terra’s team and will likely have 5 to 7 direct reports and be responsible for up to 100 FTE within a year.





  • 5 to 10 years relevant work experience – preferable in a fast-growing technology venture in an emerging market
  • Academic degree in management, economics, finance or beta studies
  • Excellent grades in both Bachelor and Master (average 7.0+)
  • Strong interest in mobile applications, earth observation, big-data, machine learning and other technologies
  • Affinity with (mobile) technology, user centered design, behavioral psychology, online marketing
  • Significant organization building experience
  • Demonstrable entrepreneurial experience
  • Outstanding leadership experience
  • Relevant experience in frontier/emerging markets
  • Fluent in English language
  • Myanmar languages are a plus 


  • Strong entrepreneurial drive and can-do mentality
  • Cultural sensitive and a natural leader (“not just a manager”)
  • Very strong in analytics and structuring
  • Getting hands dirty
  • Intrinsic drive to get things done
  • To the point and clear in communications

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