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Country : Malaysia
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JavaScript (ES6-7) Developer

Geopulse was founded by three geospatial experts in 2014 with the objective to offer self-developed geospatial software products and services. Presently, our products include:-

  • GeoReplicator - a vendor-agnostic RDBMS replicator with the capability to replicate everything or anything to anywhere over the Internet/WAN/LAN. Specifically, GeoReplicator was developed to replicate geometries and blobs.
  • GeoCAD - a JS toolkit that offers CAD-like advance editing features and functions in modern web browsers. Works on GeoServer and ArcGIS Server.
  • GeoGNSS - an SDK for post-processing GNSS observations.


On the service side, Geopulse specializes in the development and deployment of web-oriented geospatial solutions. Our expertise includes:-

  • Preparation and optimization of geospatial data (2D, 3D, 4D) for data discovery, mining, high-volume over-the-web delivery, and presentation,
  • Designing and creating cartographically-correct online maps (2D, 3D, rasters, vectors, hybrids),
  • Integrating in-house and open-source platforms and toolkits, both at the back and front for an end-to-end solution,
  • Formulating and enabling meaningful and statistically-correct geospatial analysis,
  • Identifying and rectifying systemic anomalies in large-volume geospatial data.



Be a part of the following sections/teams :-


Data Tools Development

Create/enhance the tools for processing geospatial data - e.g., structural and content optimization for over-the-web delivery, cloud detection and removal in satellite images, context-driven colour enhancements, feature recognitions and extractions, pattern discovery, and etc. 


Web Toolkit Development

Design, craft, and enhance browser-side toolkits that sets our web solutions apart from the competitions.


Web Solution Development (Geospatial)

Design and develope turnkey solutions according to user requirements.


What Do We Use At Works?

  • C/C++, C#, JavaScript (ES6/7), Perl
  • Node.js/Express.js
  • PHP/Laravel
  • Vue.js (favourite), React.js, Angular.js,
  • D3.js, Three.js, OpenLayers.js, and others
  • PostgreSQL with PostGIS
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Ubuntu, CentOS



Domain Knowledge/Skill

Successful candidates will be trained on domain knowledges, engineering principles, and mathematics, but not on basic/core programming skill/tools.



Diploma, or Degree, or Master in Computer Studies (or related) with focus on programming.


Work Experience

Fresh graduate, or Junior, or Senior, or Guru.



Malaysians and permanent residents only.


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